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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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dewalk scrubber we purchased for the fiscal year year 2012-2013. we wanted to take note that our service provider does more than just keep the sidewalk in the neighborhood clean. they also provide a terrific service to individuals that are employed with their program and they provide transitional employment opportunities to individuals that might otherwise have a hard time getting back into the workforce. every year they do a graduation program and they also partner with city agencies and non-profits that help identify individuals that can join this program and we hear from year to year testimonies from individuals that talk about how they have really had a great opportunity to be a part of this program and moving forward. and realizing new job opportunities. we also want to note that unlike
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many of the other cbd's throughout the city, our programs are provided systematically and not on a dispatch system. although not exactly a service we like to think of our committee structure as a great resource for the neighborhood for them to come and voice their concerns and interest for neighborhood improvement projects that the city might embark on. these are three committees that we have employed throughout these 3 years. prw, public right-of-ways and community advisory board. many times conversations that come from these community have initiated other community related town hall meetings and other initiatives that have worked to be really beneficial for everyone in the neighborhood.
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now i will move forward to talk about some of the unique special projects accomplished during these 3 fiscal years. for year 2010-11. partnered with urban forest volunteering to plant 40 trees within the tenderloin neighborhood and the 29 blocks. at this time the number of trees that the tenderloin was initiated up to 180 trees planted in the tenderloin. the cbd received a grant to plant and install several identification banners, working the street sdeens -- designs with that and worked to identify the neighborhood as a place with rich history, families and use. a
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lot of vibrancy. we also installed 8 beautification public benches this year. we'll move on to the next year for 2010-2012. the cbd initiated and installed a sidewalk and by the name of safe passage. this particular mural was maintained by the cbd until recently when safe passage became it's own independent project and kind of took wings and as we understand establishing their own 501c 3 and their own staffing which is a great resource for the neighborhood. there was a mural installed this year by the name of humming with life. it's on the corner where the post office facility is at golden gate and hyde. the cbd
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also sponsored a number of free concerts outside of the nation plaza at the cadillac hotel. kathy who is here now is a cham pion for those events at the resident hotel. finally this year, the cbd awarded a substantial grant to the tenderloin organization where they can install a community garden. for fiscal year 2012-2013. the cdb received another grant to redesign and install banners on market street corridor to identify little saigon as a
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unique area. we also engaged with two other neighboring cbd's, the civic center and central market with oewd with arts commission to design and launch a website called epicenter sf but works as a neighborhood community calendar. at the time it was launched it focused on highlighting community and culture in the neighborhood. once again the cbd sponsors concerts in the plaza and at the cadillac hotel. we sponsored the market street association. we also embarked on two public toilet
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access projects. one of which we partnered with a non-profit with the san francisco rescue mission to open up their facilities to the public 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. we worked with a local design firm to do community led research project and design, a master plan for the need for access sorry -- for more public toilets in the neighborhood with screening components that can be irrigated by the recycled water and the waste from the toilet. we also sponsored a number of opportunities for engagement with cultural events and asian heritage festival and tenderloin sunday streets.
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>> in summary, quickly. >> we have a summary here of the 3 years of accomplishment over 51,000 bags of liter removed from sidewalks. close to 5,000 graffiti removed and 9,000 needles removed. we have a site reviewing our challenges and opportunities as noted with the departure of a recent executive director, it surfaced that we had a number of opportunities and challenges that we needed to address. those specifically pointing towards the stabilization of organizational internal controls and reporting. increasing financial oversight and transport -- transparency and sharing information and improved marketing strategies and working on
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community development projects. there is a number of planning strategies that we have been working dil diligently with our board on and we've that had opportunity to work with uc hastings college of law students. one of these includes a 16 chapter financial policy and procedural manual for all the years looking forward. as i noted before we are in the middle of rebranding. we would like to shorten our name and we are
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planning to display in a number of our materials. we'll be launching our website in the next few months. we are working on another tree planting campaign and partnership with uc hastings and investigating the installment of a number of security cameras in the neighborhood and embarking on a street line plan to help document to guide moving forward with making decisions on future improvement projects that will be informed by the community. that concludes our presentation. >> any questions? seeing none, okay. thank you very much for your very thorough presentation. any
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public comment on this issue? >> public speaker: [inaudible] external mercy of two relationships. we have to put together qualities, relation. community combined science philosophy, onto continuation of worldwide mission and numerous people population >> if the mission beyond
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meditation. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleague, supervisor, can we have a motion. >> so moved. >> to move to the full board for recommendation. okay. no objection. motion passes. congratulations to all three. >> madam clerk, item no. 4. >> item no. 4, ordinance authorizing settlement of lawsuit by kim bearley tuyay. versus san francisco. >> are there any members who wish to speak on item no. 4. seeing none, public comment is now closed. can we have a motion to move to closed session. there is a motion. no
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objection. motion passes. ( closed session ) >> >> please stand by...
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